Cradle of the Côte du Rhône

Chief town of the Côte du Rhône, dependent on popes of Avignon by its culture and on kings of France by its situation, Roquemaure offers you the possibility of spending a pleasant stay by allowing you to discover a region shared between Provence and Languedoc. Appreciated for its history, its heritage, its famous organs and its Relics of Saint Valentin , this city benefits from an exceptional geographical situation.

Situated in the heart of the vineyards of Lirac, this city Gardoise is has nearness:

- Nearby architectural sites

- The natural sites in the surroundings

- And of world-class demonstrations.

Of the castle of the 12th century, there are only some vestiges of outer walls, a circular tower named the Queen's Tower and a high square tower: the Tower of Princes de Soubise.

The round tower and the tower square

The City had one of the most important castles of Languedoc, Louis IX (Saint Louis) made a spare store for the crusades. During his return to his Gascony native, Bertrand De Got, first pope of Avignon known under the name of Clement V died at in 1314. Some Kings like Philippe IV (le Bel), Charles V (Le Sage), Charles VI (le Fol ou le Bien Aimé), Henri Ier, Charles IX and Queens Marie de Bretagne, Catherine de Medicis lived in this castle.

In the XIVth century, periode of the presence of the popes in Avignon, Roquemaure had the most importing merchant port of the right side of the Côte du Rhône. The institution by the consuls of the city of a regulations of wines of the Côte du Rhône made that accroitre its prosperity. We can discover some vestiges by strolling along the channel of the city.



Overlooking the port remains

In1329, cardinal Bertrand of Pujet, nephew of pope Jean XXII decided to build a collegiate church within the village. The current vault of this last one was put only in the last century, five hundred after the first one.

Collegiate Church of St John the Baptist

By crossing the doors of Gothic architecture from the Languedoc, you can discover the organ built by the brothers Julien of Marseille in 1690. It is accompanied with this organ, which Emilie Lauret interpreted for the first time on December 24th, 1847, the famous "Minuit Chrétiens" (O holy night) whose words were writing by one roquemaurois:Placide CAPPEAU.


House where lived Placide CAPPEAU author of "O Holy Night"

Since October 23, 1868, the church houses the relics of Saint Valentine, the patron saint of lovers. They were brought back from Rome to Roquemaure to fight against the scourge of phylloxera, which had destroyed the vines.

This festival is celebrated at La Festa di Poutoun (Feast of lovers) in February, now a Weekend End.La city takes its appearance from the 19th century with its traditional market, rides horses wood, old trades, its teams and riders. In the streets, mingling with the sound of barrel organs, cross people in period costume, folklore groups and the acrobats, jugglers and acrobats. The singers and actors from the streets to trace the most famous legends of lovers of the 19th century.



Feast of St. Valentine

Lovers of old stones may discover in their walk in the beautiful facades Roquemaure few private hotels from another era.

The City Hall of Roquemaure


Old town Halls

They will want to visit the Chapel of Saint Joseph des Champs located on the D 976 not far from the holiday cottage and the Chapel of the Prieuré de Truel dated 11th century.

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