Chapel of St. Sixtus

Eygalières is a small quiet village, located 5 minutes from Saint Remy de Provence. Surrounded by stunning countryside of the Alpilles, the village is faced with vast fields of olive trees, lush valleys and vineyards. Here and there, break in a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards of Provence, beautiful properties with farmhouses restored with great taste.

The road of "Jean Moulin"starting at Saint Andiol, through Eygalières before ending at Salon Provence.Il stayed during the night of 02 January 1942 after his parachute at about dying.


The arenas

The Roman Theatre

Arles is situated in the department of Bouches-du-Rhone and Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. The city is bisected by the Rhone River and is located between Nimes (27 km west) and Marseille (80 km east).

The name derives from Arles Arelate, Celtic word meaning place near the pond, with reference to the marshlands surrounding the city. The old city of more than 2500 years, has remarkable monuments built in Roman times and in antiquity, like the ancient theater, the arena, the Alyscamps or the Roman circus. In 2008, the oldest known bust of Julius Caesar was discovered in the Rhone. Because of its important heritage, the city has classified city of art and history and its Roman and Romanesque monuments are inscribed on the List of World Heritage of Humanity since 1981.

Open to tourists, it hosts many festivals throughout the year - in December: A Christmas.
- In April, the Easter Fest
- and in September, the Feast of rice.


The Duchy of Uzès

The Fenestrelle Tower

Uzès lies within a triangle formed by the cities of Ales, 32 km north-west, Avignon, 40 km east, and Nimes, the nearest town 25 km south

The most symbolic monument of the city, after the Duchy and the castle of the Dukes of Uzes, is the Fenestrelle, 42 meters high  which dates in part from the twelfth century. Its upper part was rebuilt exactly as the seventeenth century after the wars of religion. This is a unique circular tower type in France. Romanesque style, it is separed of the Cathedral of St. Theodore.

The German candy factory HARIBO is located not far from the center of the city.HARIBO took control of the company Ricqles-Zan.

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